How to Start Homesteading

The Dream

The dream of becoming a homesteader started when I was sitting on the couch watching TV. Cliche right? Not everyone was lucky enough to grow up on a farm, and you have to start somewhere!

More specifically, I was living in an apartment in Florida and in the heat of summer I was feeling homesick. I grew up in Alaska. I am so far outside of my element it’s not even funny.

So in lieu of finding an ice box I could go camp in, I was watching Alaska: The Last Frontier  on the Discovery Channel. Yeah, yeah, I know. It is a TV show and there is a certain amount of dramatization. But that IS Alaska. The beauty, the wildlife, the self-sufficient attitude and making things work with what you have. Even if you grew up in a city, that was the mindset.

So while living in a hot, crowded city, I began dreaming of how amazing it would be to buy a big plot of land, to get some chickens and goats, and to live off the land.

Then the reality check kicked in.

I grew up in Alaska, so I assumed that by nature I had an innate knowledge of homesteading. That might be Alaskan pride kicking in. I mean, growing up we practically lived outside. For fun we would play in the snow, building ice caves or in the summer run through the woods jumping off logs and climbing trees. Every weekend during the summer we would go fishing and with six people, we were able to stock our freezer and pantry with fish to last through the winter. My sisters and I grew up cooking and cleaning and working around the house and yard. My parents instilled an amazing work ethic in us.

But how much did I ACTUALLY know about homesteading? I think that my childhood gave me a head start, but I had a lot of work to do to get to the point where I was successfully running my own homestead.

So without a big plot of land and livestock to raise, I started my homestead journey in my little apartment in the city.

This is my story.


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